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Not All Fire Extinguishers Are The Same:

We realize you have many choices available to you in today's market. Most people don't realize, however, that not all fire extinguishers are created equal. 

We are in the business of what is called "confidence testing." In other words, we test and certify the product--in this case, fire extinguishers--so that if and when it is needed, one has confidence that it will work as intended. 

Some cheaply made fire extinguisher brands have a high incidence of under-performing or not performing at all. The last thing you want in a fire is an extinguisher that you have to bang with a hammer and use pliers on to make work. 

Additionally, it is usually cheaper to service a fire extinguisher than to replace it. 

Allow us to service your fire extinguishers, certify them with confidence and save you money at the same time. 


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