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Why do backflow prevention assemblies have to be tested every year?

All backflow prevention assemblies have calibrated internal components​ that break over time. Common components such as the springs, seals, and various moving parts inside your backflow prevention assembly will eventually wear-out or fatigue. Periodic testing is the only way to ensure that your backflow prevention device is in proper working order.

What do we do?

We will keep you in compliance with annual backflow testing requirements and eliminates overdue testing. Thus prevents costly penalties and fees, avoids multiple reminder letters from your purveyors and additional unnecessary costs for paper, postage, etc.

How it works:

We will add you to our backflow maintenance database and will automatically send you an email reminder 30 days prior to the due date of your annual backflow test. After your appointment has been scheduled, we will arrive at the agreed upon time and test your backflow prevention assembly. We will install a water tag on assembly with month, year and our contact information upon completion of the passing test. We will then complete the approved Test Report Form and email it to your water purveyor. You save time and effort and only need to respond to our 30-day email reminder to confirm your testing appoint with us…No more calling around last minute with your “Shut-Off-Notice” in hand. We take the hassle out of backflow testing!

What is a backflow assembly?

Backflow assemblies are mechanical devices designed to prevent backflow through cross connections. Backflow is the unwanted flow of non-potable substances back into the consumer’s plumbing system and/or public water system (i.e., drinking water).

Why have I never had to test my Backflow before?

When your Backflow was installed it was tested prior to plumbing inspection, but because of the volume of Backflow preventers being installed and the large number of existing Backflow preventers in various cities it is not easy for municipalities to keep you informed of when your Backflow is due to be tested. However, due to increased awareness of the importance of protecting our water many cities are taking better steps to inform people when their annual test is due.
Annual Backflow Program Info

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Why do I need a Backflow Prevention Assembly Test?

  • Backflow prevention programs are in place to protect your drinking water from contamination. 
  • To insure that your backflow prevention assembly is in proper working condition.
  • A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical assembly that will at some time fail. 
  • It’s the law WAC 246-290-490.